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Hello, I’m Gwen.

I work in advertising. I play in the kitchen.

I’m part tweenager. (Look at my iTunes playlist.)

I’m part Grandma. (Look at my oversize cardi collection.)

I’m part Romy or Michelle. (Look at the height of my hair.)

As a Christian, I'm learning how to glorify God in the everyday. To live into the status quo, like Jesus' own Manchurian candidate, and seep grace through its cracks.

I wish my life were a musical, but other than that, I’m pretty content.

(No surprise I also like to Yelp.)

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Brilliant use of augmented reality technology, which is relatively new and untapped in the advertising world.

(BeeTeeDubs, Team Velocity totally found inspiration in this ad when we developed tactics for our Hallmark campaign.)


To demonstrate the innovations in its cars, Volkswagen used a innovation in its print ads. Rather than using augmented reality just for the sake of it, VW was able to use it to show some of the great features of their cars through a virtual test drive. The demonstration is fun and you walk away knowing a lot about the car. Very well done.

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team velocity before the mojo ad hello/goodbye cocktail party at room 38.

(well, the photo is missing julia, my copywriter.)

my amazing teammates are headed to promising careers and bright, bright futures at leo burnett (kristen), edelman (caitlin), y&r (mary), the richards group (matt), fleishman-hillard (lauren) and moosylvania (julia). i’m missin’ them already!

On Friday Team Velocity and Team Grandezza and Team Dalniente pitched three new integrated marketing plans to Hallmark’s VP of Marketing, who asked Mojo Ad to develop a campaign that will engage college students. Each team delivered a unique, clever and strategic campaign that make Hallmark more relevant and exciting to college students. (Congratulations, everyone!)

After celebrating with Grandezza and Dalniente on Friday night, my team spent the weekend at Kirk’s family’s lakehouse on the Lake of the Ozarks. Kirk took us boating and grilled pizza for dinner and shot fireworks, at least fifteen minutes of bright, brilliant fireworks, afterward. We talked for hours on the wraparound porch and ate our fill of guacamole and vegetable dip and broke spontaneously into song, as we often do. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend. Or for a better team.

Life after Mojo Ad involves the assigned readings I’ve put off and the economics capstone paper I’ve been avoiding. (Leave the lake, walk in the door and visit with Hallinan and Harford and Krugman.)

gpoyw: all smiles before our mojo ad presentation dress rehearsal (edition). late, late, laaaate nights with the team means i’m running on sunshine, but at least i’ve got fun jewelry like this necklace to lift my mood during the day!

birthday week!!!! my whole goal is to text you and try to get you to do something more fun than mojo every day this week. so here’s my sunday night text: wanna get margs? (even though you are presumably still mojo-ing)


this text completely brightened my dreary sunday — even though i am still mojo-ing. isn’t my best friend the bestest?!

Team Velocity makes fun of me for my obsession with disruption, a three-step framework used by TBWA and its agency network to develop weightier, more resonant advertising campaigns. When we toured the Integer Group in Colorado, the Integer Mizzou alums walked us through a disruption case study on their recent Gain “Love at First Scent” campaign. I thought a quick rundown of the campaign would help everyone else fall in love with the disruption framework, too!

convention. No matter the brand, laundry detergent advertisements — on television, in magazines and in store — show side-by-side before and after comparisons of two dirty t-shirts or button-downs or socks. The advertised laundry detergent cleans clothes effectively, of course, and the competing brand, whatever it is, leaves the dirty laundry covered in grass stains and chocolate and dirt.

key insight. In a world where most laundry detergents remove stains, some shoppers are more concerned with the scent. Which detergent to buy? The nose knows. And many consumers identify Gain, a straggler in the race for the best-selling detergent, as the best-smelling. If a scent-centered shopper smells Gain, she’ll buy it.

disruption. Encourage shoppers to uncap Gain and take a whiff, right in the middle of the laundry detergent aisle.

vision. Shoppers will start smelling laundry detergent while they’re choosing which one to buy — and more and more of them will start choosing Gain.

For a more thorough rundown on the Gain campaign, check out the write-up on the Promotion Marketing Association site. The campaign won gold in the 2010 PMA REGGIE Awards!

i don’t have any photographic proof i went skiing fell down on every run + fell off the ski lift + fell off the magic carpet + fell into a ditch and couldn’t get out for ten minutes until my instructor noticed me in colorado.

if you look closely, though, you’ll notice i do have proof that i ripped off my coat and ski pants and walked around the ski resort in wool socks, nike shorts and a hole-y deep v-neck the second my disastrous lesson was over.

the mojorado team at egg strategy in boulder