gwendolyn faith is not a crayon.

Hello, I’m Gwen.

I work in advertising. I play in the kitchen.

I’m part tweenager. (Look at my iTunes playlist.)

I’m part Grandma. (Look at my oversize cardi collection.)

I’m part Romy or Michelle. (Look at the height of my hair.)

As a Christian, I'm learning how to glorify God in the everyday. To live into the status quo, like Jesus' own Manchurian candidate, and seep grace through its cracks.

I wish my life were a musical, but other than that, I’m pretty content.

(No surprise I also like to Yelp.)

The Casual Vacancy
The Explicit Gospel
Gone Girl
The Chaperone
Cutting for Stone

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Fabulous news from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago!


Please join us in celebrating the 1000th Site Based match served!!   The agency has never before served 1000 SB youth and we are extremely excited to reach this milestone.Congratulations to the Site Based and CSP teams for all of their hard work to make these matches!!

Learn more about Site Base Mentoring

Get involved: Start Something

Y’all. I don’t often make sandwiches, but Food & Wine’s Spicy Pork Po’ Boys make a more-than-welcome change of routine. The pork meatballs—spiked with paprika, thyme, cayenne and garlic powder—are jam-packed with flavor; the cheater’s remoulade gets its magic from diced pickles.

Over the weekend I invited my friend Katie over to share the meal. With a little chopping, stirring and seasoning, the sandwiches came together quickly, although the meatballs needed longer than eight minutes to cook through, and made enough for lunchtime leftovers for the next few days. I might try ‘em as lettuce wraps, too.

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I said yes to the {bridesmaids’} dress! On Saturday after a round of glow-in-the-dark miniature golf with the girls of Teen Exodus, the Junior League’s program that introduces high school students from underserved neighborhoods to new activities across the city, I met Lexi and her other Chicagoland maids at Bella Bridesmaid to find our dresses for the big day. The six of us tried on dress after dress in the same color and material, each settling on our favorite style. Now I’m even more excited to celebrate with Lexi in October {and with Kendall in May}!



Theo James for GQ

I saw Divergent on Thursday night. I am 100% confident in saying he was the best part of the movie.


Must Every YA Action Heroine Be Petite?

From Divergent's Tris to The Hunger Games' Katniss, the women of young-adult fiction can be strong, independent, and mature—as long as they're also scrawny.

Read more. [Image: Lionsgate; Summit]

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(HD) The Giver - Official Trailer - The Weinstein Company

Let’s forget the disappointment that is Divergent and turn our attention to the award-winning original tween dystopian tale. Think if we send positive vibes to the universe for the next five months, The Giver on film will live up to its promise, besting the lackluster Divergent flick? And if not, I’d settle for watching two hours of Theo James, who might be the best thing to come from dystopia since Peeta and Katniss.


Can Focus On ‘Grit’ Work In School Cultures That Reward Grades?

Around the nation, schools are beginning to see grit as key to students’ success—and just as important to teach as reading and math.

Experts define grit as persistence, determination and resilience; it’s that je ne sais quoi that drives one kid to practice trumpet or study Spanish for hours—or years—on end, while another quits after the first setback.

But can grit be taught?

In a few weeks, I’ll be participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago’s annual bowling fundraiser, Bowl for Kids’ Sake, and I’m taking to social media to raise support! I’d love to find five Tumblr friends to donate five dollars (or more!). Will you please consider contributing to the cause?

I’ve been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters at a Boys & Girls Club in Uptown practically since I moved to Chicago. Through their mentoring programs, Big Brothers Big Sisters makes measurable progress to help all children reach their potential—regardless of the hand they’ve been dealt. For example, 94% of Littles enrolled in Chicago’s community-based program maintained or improved their attitudes toward risky behaviors; in another survey, 67% of former Littles agreed their Big played a role in their decision to attend college.

Thanks for your support, friends!


I’ll admit that I let out a collective grown with the rest of you when I heard that the mule was making a return in “fashionable footwear”. All I could imagine were the horrible soft soled, suede slingback shoes. You know the ones I’m talking about- they are six steps [in the wrong direction] away from the casual Merrell.


But the updated, modern mule has gotten me in quite the tizzy. I imagine that — depending on the heel — they could look good with just about anything. I plan on wearing my pair (black wedges) with soft pants, maxi skirts, boyfriend jeans, and all my dresses well into summer.


1- Vic Matie // 2- Vince // 3- Rachel Comey // 4- Steven by Steve Madden // 5- Rag & Bone // 6- Vince Camuto (which also come in black) // 7- French Connection

As soon as even before my intermittent freelance check came in the mail, I was thinking about shoes. Functional snowboots. Tory flats. Nike wedges. And yes, mules. I love the Steve Madden nudes in the middle of Elizabeth’s collage! 


will I ever get over my pink hair dreams?